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Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town is divided into two very distinct and different towns: The Old Town & the New Town. The Old Town is the oldest inhabited medieval city in Europe & forms part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage network! It certainly is a sight to behold, with its network of busy little streets alternating with quiet alleys that has been consistently dwelt in over the last two thousand years! Medieval buildings, mosques, Byzantine and Gothic churches shops and cafeterias are scattered throughout the Old town. Visit The Palace of the Grand Master, reinstated by the Italians in 1940, with its imposing entrance and well-preserved towers and battlements & the Archaeological Museum which is housed in the Gothic building of the Great Hospital of the Knights. The New Town of Rhodes provides all kinds of accommodations of all categories, many bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and a casino. It is great for its shopping with luxurious shops providing the famous perfumes, clothes and umbrellas. Of unique beauty is the building of the New Market which stands at the port of Rhodes, and impresses everyone with its fine architecture & its gold decoration. Also worth seeing is The Governor's Palace combining Byzantine, medieval and Spanish architectural styles.

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30 October 2015


Rhodes City

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